Which businesses are still able to grow amidst COVID-19 pandemic?

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June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a golden opportunity for you to set-up an online business. Due to social distancing online sales and demand has gone up. The heavy traffic flows on online platforms are proof that there are several opportunities to set up a new business. This will be a total win-win situation for you to go for an online business. Here are some of the online business ideas which you can start easily and other information which you might require in relation to this.



There are many options to earn from freelancing. You can use platforms such as Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. which will help you to earn and connect with employers who are interested in your skills. There are multiple projects available for freelancers and are based online. They can relate to PR activities, sales projects, web designing projects, social media marketing, web designing projects, etc.

There is a concept of virtual office which is growing nowadays and is gaining attention from both employers and employees. You can pick up a project, from a particular field, that matches your skills and start working on it.


eBook publishing

Now, people are choosing to gather information online and many times we see people reading books on Kindle or other reading apps. Even Amazon has made selling and publishing books online easier for authors. It has also become more affordable and many entrepreneurs/authors are now creating and selling their books through this platform. There are 2 ways to make money this way. One is to create your book and sell it online through platforms like Amazon, iBooks and Noble. The other way is to make your book and sell it online through your own website.



If you love to write and have good knowledge about a particular niche, then blogging can be a very profitable business for you. There are many sites like blogger, Wix, and others that pay you for your blogs. For this, think about the niche about which you have the proper knowledge and then start writing.

Many people write about fashion, food, technology, interiors, and other things, for which they get paid. So, if you choose to start something new and get paid for it then this is a golden chance to create a new opportunity for yourself.


Sell domains

To increase your income source, buying and selling domains is also a smart business idea that requires a small amount of time and investment. There are many domain auction websites such as Sedo.co.uk, Afternic.com, and others where you can buy them at a cheaper price and resell them for profits. You will get an idea about the most popular names with the help of terminated lists that offer expired names and have pulled people for a buy.


These are some ideas that will help you to earn online during this pandemic. Try each or either of them and create a brand new opportunity for yourself that adds to your income. Do you have a business dream that you want to see that becoming a reality? Why not discuss your plans with Jacobs Marketing Solutions. They are an expert in transforming dreams into reality through their expertise in marketing solutions.

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