Our Team

Jay Jacobs

President & CEO

Jay has always been fascinated with entrepreneurship and the business world so starting his own company made absolute sense. He’s most excited to create a business that will change the face of Jackson and provide amazing opportunities to the community and his passion for this is evident in everything he does. He’s a thinker but don’t think that doesn’t make him a man of action. Our clients are always impressed with his ability to get the job done and more so impressed with the amazing people he has representing them at Jacobs Marketing Solutions. In Jay’s off time, you’ll catch him spending time mentoring and coaching team members at JMS. He’s also into reading books that challenge his thinking and watching documentaries that he finds interesting.

Chrissy Heine

Human Resources

Chrissy is the heartbeat of the company and the first friendly face and voice that people come into contact with. She’s one of the hardest working members of the team and it’s no surprise as she grew up on a farm. Chrissy had a basketball scholarship at Saint Xavier university where she majored in hospitality management. What she’s most excited about at Jacobs Marketing Solutions is being able to make a difference in the success of each team member. When she’s not helping Jacobs Marketing Solutions become the best company to work for in Jackson, MS, she’s baking, cooking, knitting, scrapbooking, sewing, and gardening.