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June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020

Marketing involves the technique or process of promoting, distributing and selling goods and services. Sales are activities or operations involved in selling and promoting goods or services. Marketing is the root of many different means of promoting your business. A smart marketing strategy is critical to the success of a business. However, there have been a lot of misconceptions about sales and marketing that can hamper the ability to successfully promote products and services in a competitive market. Below are some of the misconceptions.

Good marketing delivers fast results

You must be patient with your marketing. The results may not be seen by the next day, but they will trickle in overtime.

Marketing is a waste of money

Some people think that marketing is just a waste of money and is not necessary. But think about it this way, you want your business to grow but you are not willing to invest in marketing. This is like saying that your services or product is not worth promoting. Remember you have already invested in your business; it is time to make it grow. You also want to make returns on your investment and without marketing; you will have a hard time getting these returns.

No need to market existing Customers

Sometimes we may have our loyal customers, but this does not mean they won’t pick-up and go elsewhere. Sometimes they might get a better deal somewhere else. Therefore your customers need regular reinforcement of reason to continue buying from you. So, we must keep on marketing to them, as well as to prospects and build that loyalty, so they keep on coming now and then.

We already know what our customers think

It is crucial to understand your customers. Who they are, what they think, how they feel, and why they choose not to buy from your competitors but you. Many marketers assume they know what their customers think but they might be wrong. Therefore, they need to engage them through surveys, polls, social media, or other means.

 Great products don’t need to be marketed

Your product needs to be well made to earn its place in the purchase decision process. But first, the customers have to hear about it. It will be no good if a product is the highest quality in the market, but nobody knows about it.


The above misconceptions are a few among many which hamper the product and service sales. The good news about this is that Jacobs Marketing Solutions has helped many organizations in presenting their products and informing the right customers. Their core focus is on consumer consulting and management training. Everyone at Jacobs Marketing Solutions has had an opportunity to learn client management. They have an in-depth experience in personal management and are focused on getting results. Some of the work that Jacobs Marketing Solutions does is direct marketing and act as the bridge between our client and their potential customers. They have proved that face-to-face interaction is the key difference in generating quick results.

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