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June 8, 2020
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June 8, 2020

This month, our team here at Jacobs Marketing Solutions had the pleasure of sitting down with Brandon Windham, a consulting manager on our team. Windham has been with the team since August 18th, 2018 and has made quite the mark on our culture since that day.

Where are you from?

“I was born and raised in Meridian, MS.”

What were you like as a kid?

“My parents would describe me as athletic and outgoing. I played football all of my life. Transferring all the knowledge from sports helped me right now.  The competitiveness helped in a lot of ways and kept me determined to get to where I want to be.” 

Did you have any idea you would end up in this field?

“No, I did not but very thankful I gave this opportunity a chance. This is something that is not for everyone.  My field of study was sports management, but I took a couple marketing classes and really enjoyed it, but never thought I would actually be in marketing.” 

Tell us about your college years.

I attended Itawamba Community College, graduated and later attending Mississippi College to finish my football career. I played center on the offensive line, also known as the quarterback of the offensive line.”

What was your work experience before joining our team?

“I was a manager trainee at Levi’s Outlet. Working as a manager trainee helped me understand that I did not want to work for someone.  No matter how hard I worked at Levi’s. I understood I will never own the company, so that is why this opportunity stood out to me the most.”

What is one life experience that you feel has shaped you? 

“The death of my grandmother at the age of twelve. She was the person that helped raise me.  Her death gave me the fight I needed to do anything or get over anything. Also, my family. Getting a chance to see my family struggle all my life. It also gives me that drive that I need. I do this with a passion for my family I want the best for them.  My family comes from not much, and I want to be able to bring my family back together one day.”

What is something we might not know about you by just looking at you? 

“I’m a nice caring person.  I love people and I feel my gift is to bring all people together. I’ve always had a good heart.  I still remember a time I was at Walmart with a friend and every time I am at Walmart I grab a couple of shopping carts to help the cart guys out.  I remember my friend asking me “what are you doing that it’s their job”. The only response I had was “I always do this.” I always help them because it’s just me.”

What were your first thoughts when starting with the company? What was something unique you noticed?

“This is definitely something different.  Something unique I noticed was that this is the opportunity I was looking for, this was going to be the way I give back to my family and others all over the world. I also noticed the opportunity of freedom not only financial freedom, but freedom of time.  I could utilize my time the way I want once I make it to consultant.” 

How would you describe the culture at the company? 

“The culture is amazing you have the opportunity to be yourself no matter the gender, race, anything you can just be yourself.  Our culture here at JMS is open minded. ‘Love the skin you’re in’.”

What has been your best memory with the company? 

“My best memory would have to be the Atlanta Conference. It was amazing to see new people and get to network.” 

What is something you’ve learned through your work you didn’t know before? 

“How to manage myself. I’ve learned how to manage myself and also a team, which is something school could not teach me. I’ve learned not to be selfish.  Growing up, I was an only child and I had a lot of selfish ways, but working here helped me become unselfish in so many ways.  Also, it is teaching me to find myself, I love that the most about the business.” 

How has this career changed you as a person? 

“I’ve become a person I’ve never dreamt of being.  Someone who works hard, doesn’t complain, and always ready for a challenge. From being selfish to becoming unselfish was a major thing to me.  I am very thankful now.  Also, this job helped me appreciate the little things we take for granted.”

What are your goals with the company

“My goal is to get promoted out to a great market and watch the people around me grow as much as possible. My goal is to see the people I have around me succeed.  I’m going to succeed once they succeed.”

Do you have any mentors inside/outside of work? 

“My mentor would definitely have to be Jeff. Jay also is a great guy.  Jay will be a great business partner one day.  Jeff always there to make sure I’m learning. He is always trying to make me improve.” 

What do you do for fun when you’re not working? 

“I like to cook, I am currently going on a diet and looking to try and find new recipes. I also love to hang with friends and go out to eat.”


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