Marketing and Entrepreneurship trends in Economics

Jay Jacobs
June 10, 2020

Entrepreneurship trends in Mississippi:-

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks in the hope to earn profit establishing some business. The residents of the state of Mississippi are slowly adopting entrepreneurship, yet it could be considered promising for them. In 2019 86.38% of entrepreneurs created their business by choice and not by any sort of necessity. Like fashion it would be wrong to say that economic trends change, but it is always important to keep up the pace with the ongoing trends in economics. Without a doubt the risk is never zero in case of any opportunity but for entrepreneurship the future could be considered promising. As in 2019 the percentage of startups that are still active even after 1 year was 80.47%. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that entrepreneurship could be considered desirable for a career. Taking into consideration the ongoing pandemic some of the entrepreneurs have suffered while some have made a huge profit.

Marketing Trends in Mississippi:-

Being a Marketing Expert could be a promising career in the State of Mississippi. According to a survey the basic salary of a Marketing Specialist is around $60,606. While the salary may vary taking into consideration the Education, specialization in a specific field, or Certifications. Still, being a marketing expert could be promising because it takes a marketing expert to sell something whether would it be a pen or a car. However, For Marketing managers the employment RSE around 16.6%. Post Covid-19 most of the businesses are suffering yet the need for Marketing Specialists is still sustained, because there is always something to sell.

The trend in Sales:-

Choosing the field of Sales could be promising as a career due to many reasons. From a salary point of view not many careers provide the salary that sales do, all it needs is dedication and an attitude of “can-do” in the face of rejection. In simple words, you reap what you sow. that means if someone is working with potential, the hard work would not go in vain and would return the price.

Point of Consideration:-

It is impossible to achieve anything without the proper dedication and hard work. These Careers are considered promising if and only if one is dedicated enough to achieve something.


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