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June 10, 2020
Marketing and Entrepreneurship trends in Economics
June 10, 2020

Jay Jacobs

About Jay Jacobs:

He is a President at Jacobs Marketing Solutions, DirectMarketing Professional that works with Fortune 100 companies. He provides management opportunity, to train and develop future business leaders of America to serve the clients with integrity, purpose and vision. He is Managing and growing organization of over 50 employees. Networking with industry leaders such as Jimmy Fallon, Matt Lauer, Conan, Jay Leno etc. The clients he is serving as a direct marketer, operate with integrity, purpose and vision.

According to Jay Jacobs “Marketing is the new progressive wave of the world”.

His skills are:

  • specialized in indirect and direct marketing.
  • News anchoring at radio.
  •  Perfectly knows how to properly convey a message.
  • Best former

Jay Jacobs life history:

Jay Jacobs was a boy born in Libertyville on 6th July 1992 to DANIELLE AND Kelvin Jacobs. His father kelvin Jacobs worked in the railroad for Union Pacific and his mother DANIELLE drove school bus. Throughout his fifteen years of age he moved around Mchenry County having Island, lakes, Fox River Grove, Algonquin, Crystal Lake. Then he moved to Harvard, in 7th grade and graduated there.

Jay Jacobs after school, went to Mchenry County College, after this he went to Western Illinois university, then he recruited to a managerial sales training firm in Schaumburg, and then he moved with the company of Birmingham, after 4 months of being with the company he then moved to Memphis, to help his colleagues start his firm, about 10 months later Jay Jacobs opened his firm in Jackson, MS. Where he is living now.

Jay Jacobs Accomplishments :

He got forensic speech award in 2011

He got two national awards in broadcasting (radio commercial/anchor of newscast )

Won Best & Brightest Companies to Work for 2018 (Jacobs Marketing Solutions) He Have an Accredited Business from the Better Business Berau, Was the owner of his own company buy 25 years of age. He won Award as News Editor for a Regional Publication Firstyear in business generated over $1 million dollars in revenue.

Jay Jacobs’s goals:

His passion for journalism and writing is unmatched when it comes to delivering content that necessary for public development:

  • His goal is to provide many opportunities for others to be succeed in their lives.
  •  He is looking to expand to 3 different markets in the next 12 months.
  •  He want to work with a team of individuals who are looking to change the social and economic landscape of industry.
  • His goal is to improve public psychology, through proper education.

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