Jay Jacobs: The Man Behind The Entrepreneur

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Here at Jacobs Marketing Solutions, we believe in working hard to achieve our goals, and our amazing CEO, Jay Jacobs is a shining example! His incredible drive, unwavering confidence, and overall dedication to success inspire us to become the best versions of ourselves. Today, we are featuring the man behind the entrepreneur in our latest blog.

Jashaun, but known to his friends and peers as Jay, was born in Libertyville Hospital in Libertyville, Illinois on July 6th, 1992 to parents Danielle and Kelvin Jacobs. His mother, Danielle, drove a school bus for the Lake County School District, while his father, Kelvin, worked on the railroad for Union Pacific. It’s easy to see where Jay gets his tremendous work ethic! For the first 15 years of his life, Jay moved around Mchenry County quite a bit; with Island Lake, Fox River Grove, Algonquin, and Crystal Lake on his list. However, around 7th grade, Jay landed in the city of Harvard and went on to graduate from Harvard High School in his new hometown.

Jay’s ambitious attitude lead him to attend Mchenry County College after high school. From there, he attended Western Illinois University to continue his education. While attending classes, he was recruited to a managerial sales training firm in Schaumburg, Illinois. Jay took this opportunity as a chance to make something of himself. After being on board for only 4 months, Jay made the big decision to move with the company to Birmingham, Alabama to continue his career. This move proved to pay off big for him. While in Alabama, Jay was presented with an opportunity to relocate once again to help one of his colleagues start his firm in Memphis, Tennessee. He jumped at the chance and about 10 months later, Jay opened his own firm in Jackson, Mississippi at the young age of 25! Since being in Jackson, Jay has been able to grow his empire, all while continuing to inspire others to do the same.

The list of accomplishments Jay has achieved is unmatched to none! While attending college, Jay was named number one in the state of Illinois for forensic speech. He also won two national awards in broadcasting for radio commercial and anchor of a newscast. If you’ve ever worked with Jay, it’s easy how his contagious energy translates into effortless public speaking. Since opening up his own business, Jacobs Marketing Solutions had generated over 1 million dollars in revenue within the first year alone! Jacobs Marketing Solutions won the Best and Brightest Companies to Work for 2018 award, as well as being an accredited business from the Better Business Bureau. Jay has achieved many personal and professional achievements making him a role model to the entire team.

All of us at Jacobs Marketing Solutions are grateful for the example Jay leads with every day. From his go-getter attitude to his significant list of achievements, we have some big shoes to aspire towards. Jay’s entrepreneurial spirit is legendary, and we can’t wait to see his journey unfold.

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